RoombaMidi2 Help

Make the Roomba a musical instrument!

RoombaMidi2 appears as a MIDI destination called 'RoombaMidi2 In'
to MIDI apps like Ableton Live, Apple Logic or any other sequencer.

The right-hand side lets you select which Roomba to connect to a MIDI channel.
Pick the serial port that corresponds to your Roomba and click the connect button.
If successful, the Roomba will emit a small beep.

The left-hand side lets you control the currently selected Roomba.
A Roomba is assigned to a single MIDI channel.

Connect up a Roomba, use test buttons, send it MIDI!

MIDI Implementation

Updates to this and other Roomba hacks are available at

Copyright (c) 2006 Tod E. Kurt, ThingM.